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The Minecraft anarchy Server we all love

  • RagtagBeret9383

    Ragtag is a significant figure in the lore of SNR. He was a persistent presence during the realm era and is revered by many of the older players who remember him.   SNR was hosted on an LG3G device Info  and ran on an app called Omlet Arcade, which allowed players from around the world to…

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  • The Book of the Server Owner

    The Book of the Server Owner: Keeping a Log of Every Event on the Server This is a log of every event on the server from the Whole Omlet era into the early Realm era. The Omlet Era On 2/24/2018, Survival No Rules was created. On this day, the town of Spawn was also created.…

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  • JackSimpson2077


    General Information JackSimpson2077 is one of the longest playing active members of the Shifttech community, starting roughly when SNR was just getting started on Omlet Arcade, using the username of BaetSimpson at the time. He is also the admin of the Shifttech discord server and one of the core players on SNR today. Early SNR…

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  • The Chronicles of Wynn

    The Chronicles of Wynn is a YouTube series written and produced by JackSimpson2077 as a spin-off of the main server. The purpose is to make the story of Shifttech into a proper tale that can be enjoyed by many people and introduce them to the world of Shifttech. As of now only the pilot episode…

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  • The common Wealth

    The Commonwealth of Clans was the largest group on the SNR Minecraft server after the disbanding of Vanguard, with up to 20 members at its peak. The group was created by NumisMC and founded by NumisMC, JackSimpson2077, Lostvyan, sinserpent12480, and crimsonmilem on May 6, 2020. Before the founding of the Commonwealth, NumisMC joined SNR on…

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  • HattyTheGreat’s Archive of SNR 2020

    My names HattyTheGreat, but you can call me Anthony. I know it’s dangerous sharing your real name on an anarchy server, but everyone on SNR I find chill and non-toxic. I created this Archive because I wanted toTHE SNR ARCHIVE (by: HattyTheGreat)    keep a record of everything that happens on the realm for safe…

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  • The heaven islands SNR

      The Heaven Islands was a base located on the SNR server of the video game Minecraft. It was established on February 22, 2018, and was the first base on the server. The Heaven Islands was known for its involvement in the development of the Nether highways, which were used to bring food to players…

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