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  • JackSimpson2077


    General Information JackSimpson2077 is one of the longest playing active members of the Shifttech community, starting roughly when SNR was just getting started on Omlet Arcade, using the username of BaetSimpson at the time. He is also the admin of the Shifttech discord server and one of the core players on SNR today. Early SNR…

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  • Shifttech SMP Season Three

    In October 2020, the third season of the Shifttech SMP began. At release, there were returning players such as JackSimpson2077, ShortWeekly, Xavierlvll, and r1wil. Several other players joined during the start of the season, like Coolguyaaaa. For the first month of the season, things went well but when SNR dropped in activity and one of…

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  • The Llama Club

    After Season One of the Shifttech SMP was declared, r1wil decided to form a group known as the Llama Club, with Zinq0, ShortWeekly, and JackSimpson2077. The mountain that the base was built on was declared Llama Mountain. Inside of Llama Mountain there was a cave that was filled with many monsters, resulting in r1wil’s diamond…

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  • The Moss Cult

    The Moss Cult was founded following the 1.17 update in Shifttech SMP Season 4 by Coolguyaaaa (known on Discord as Nez). Due to inactivity of the leader, the cult faded away. However in Season Six, the Moss Cult returned for a minor battle between Moss and Podzol lead by JackSimpson2077

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  • The Buster Posey Cult

    In Season Five of the Shifttech SMP, JackSimpson2077 founded the Buster Posey cult after the news of Buster Posey’s retirement went out to the world. A church dedicated to the catcher was constructed in the main community area but remained unfinished due to the season ending rather early. The existence of the Buster Posey cult…

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  • The Chronicles of Wynn

    The Chronicles of Wynn is a YouTube series written and produced by JackSimpson2077 as a spin-off of the main server. The purpose is to make the story of Shifttech into a proper tale that can be enjoyed by many people and introduce them to the world of Shifttech. As of now only the pilot episode…

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  • Season two of SMP

    On June 17th, 2020, at aprox 2:30PM PST, TRAP Season 2 began. Many incidents occurred, but our group of players: JackSimpson2077: Bedrock, Been in S1 and S2 Xavierlvll: Java, Creator, Been in S1 and S2 BlackDragon: Java, S1 and S2 ShortWeekly: Bedrock, S1 and S2 r1wil: Bedrock, S1 and S2 MemaGuyYT: Java, S2 DELDER: Bedrock,…

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  • TRAP SMP Season one

    Smp was created when an temp map for snr was used after a major crash but people loved it so much that xav made it it’s own thing smp ok the first day alot of deaths because the ai is hard also glitches are apparent ok so the restiance formed by numis whos banned teh…

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