TRAP SMP Season one

  1. Smp was created when an temp map for snr was used after a major crash but people loved it so much that xav made it it’s own thing smp ok the first day alot of deaths because the ai is hard also glitches are apparent ok so the restiance formed by numis whos banned teh ender dragon was defeated

Fresh Version:


Creation: SMP, now named TRAP (The Ridiculously Amazing Playthrough), was created when the Survival No Rules server created by Xavierlvll crashed massively. It was made originally as a temporary server, but after a large chunk of people liked it, SMP became its own server.


Day One: Players ran for the mountains and explained to others of the new server. Achievements were made, coords were shared, and a veteran of the snr world, JackSimpson2077, was able to make the first nether portal. Another player by the name of Zinq0 found the first diamonds. But then, an alliance was formed between r1wil, ShortWeekly, and JackSimpson2077 known as the Llama Club.


Llama Club: r1wil founded the group after capturing some llamas on a mountain around the coords of x300 z400. Jack and Short joined the group as founders and set up the initial base, traveling into the caves below.

Yet, devestation would occur when the three died to mobs in the darkness, each losing their valuables. But, our group did not give up, setting up the Llama Club and attracting new members as the day went on.

Soon after the growth of the Llama Club, JackSimpson2077, r1wil, Zinq0, Xavierlvll, and NumisMC would make their own bases on and around the mountain. Jack’s was in the far east, Xavier’s a bit west of his. A bit in the south west was Numis, and east of that were Wil and Zinq. TurqoiseGlue and ShortWeekly had small crevices on the mountain, location unknown.

Epic Deaths: 1. JackSimpson2077, Ghast Revenge. Jack had just gotten the “Return To Sender” advancement when another ghast was encountered. After a series of unfortunate events, Jack fell into the lava below and burned to a crisp after accepting his fate. Quote In Chat: I give in, Ill just lose full iron gear, a pidiamond pick, 12 obsidian, four stacks of food, and a flint and steel. Lava, Im coming!

  1. Ghast Revenge 2.0: Jack went afk in the nether, got blown up by a ghast. Shouldnt have been afk, idiot. (This was made by the Thunderbird Gang) This death resulted in the loss of 8 ender pearls. Dang, I sure am an idiot at times.3. Arrow Fall in End. After defeating the mighty Ender Dragon, Jack fired many arrows into the sky with his max enchanted bow, Hermit One Shot. Gravity kicked in and the arrows fell back down, killing Jack instantly. After many laughs of shock, he got back into the end only for..
  2. Short’s Bed Explosion: After Jack returned, Short placed down a bed and used it, causing the two to be killed by “Intentional Game Design”. Jack’s items were also lossed in the event. Sorry Jack. ~ Short weekly
  3. Fall from the City at the End of the Game. Shortly after the bed explosion, Jack and Short traveled into the End, Jack finding an end city. They both fought their way up to the top, only for Short to push Jack off the top, causing him to reach max velocity and SPLAT. All items were retrieved, except for the curse of vanishing ones. Killaura accidentally turned on ~ Short weekly 

Other Non Death Mishaps: 1. The Spider Spawner. Jack was peacefuly using a poorly designed spider spawner xp farm when after a series of events, Short ended up destroying the spawner. Luckily, another spawner was located, being developed into the Spider XP Farm Mark IV.

  1. Jack Main house burning. One stormy night while Jack was working on getting ender pearls, a lightning bolt struck his house. Due to it being at a certain elevation, there was no rain and it burned to the ground. The deaths of Dogmeat, Stairable, both dogs, and Cleo, a cat from spawn, occurred. A memorial was set up, the remains of the house being buried.

The Quest Of The End: After discovering a nether fortress, JackSimpson and ShortWeekly fought through the nights, collecting 10 ender pearls. After being combined with blaze powder, the eyes led them to the end portal. Sadly, Jack’s dog and cat died in the stronghold. But, the portal was activated and the group entered the portal.

The Ender Dragon put up a fight, but after a spectacular battle, the group stood victorious. Deaths occured (Short weekly having the most deaths), as mentioned in the deaths section, and a single elytra was found.

The Conclusion of SMP Season One: Soon after the defeat of the Ender Dragon, the 1.16 update was released and the playerbase flocked to SNR. After weeks, SMP had its final send off, the group gathering one last time on the final day of the server.

Player Experiences on SMP:

JackSimpson2077: Was the main player of the server, created the xp farm, nether hub, and located the end portal. Had the largest base on Llama Mountain, but the base would go unfinished. Had many memorable moments, and had various named tools. Here are those names.

Sword: Zenith. Silk Touch Pick:Sir Silky. Fortune Pick: Miss Fortunate. Axe: StormBreaker. Shovel: Digger of Worlds. Bow: Hermit One Shot. Helmet: Helmit Zemo. Chestplate: Mark I. Legs: Long Legs Madej. Boots: Shiny Socks. Cat Names: Cleo, Tigger. Dog Names: Rex, Stairable, Dogmeat. Sheep Names: jeb_. SkeleHorse Name: Indiana Bones. I will return for Season 2 of SMP, now named TRAP: The Ridiculously Amazing Playthrough. #potatoes4life. Award: Most Dedicated Player.

ShortWeekly: Well uh I was one of the first people to join smp (when it was a temp map) and well I helped it get it be its own thing Fun fact: I found the first mob spawner maybe by hacked maybe not but still. That’s just the Beginning I have so much more but let me document the times I made Jack’s life hell: I accidentally killed his dog. I bed exploded him. I got him to one heart once. I knocked him off a end tower. Now time for my achievements. I was the first person to ever get full diamond! And then fully enchanted diamond armor but that got sadly lost while mining and got into lava. I helped jack find the end portal room and also helped him with ender portals.

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