The common Wealth

The Commonwealth of Clans was the largest group on the SNR Minecraft server after the disbanding of Vanguard, with up to 20 members at its peak. The group was created by NumisMC and founded by NumisMC, JackSimpson2077, Lostvyan, sinserpent12480, and crimsonmilem on May 6, 2020.

Before the founding of the Commonwealth, NumisMC joined SNR on April 21, 2020, and quickly became fond of the server after receiving his first set of gear from F00fyLoofy a few days later. During his time in the Imperium, he dreamt of creating a clan that would act as the United Nations for SNR and bring peace to the server. It was just an idea until he was invited to the New Wynn Republic spawn base by his friend MemaGuyYT after a conversation with the leader of NWR-JackSimpson2077 and MemaGuyYT about Hermitcraft. Numis travelled with his alt-HisuMC, and it was during this meeting that NumisMC brought up the topic of the Commonwealth, which surprisingly JackSimpson2077 also had the same idea. Thus, the Commonwealth was created.

After the creation of the Commonwealth, the first project was to flatten the spawn. The plan was to clear away all the lava cast at spawn with TNT and a slime piston bomber, and then all Commonwealth members would fill up the bedrock holes with obsidian. Littlexavier101 and F00fyLoofy were asked whether they wanted their clan to join the new found group, and they both gladly accepted. The project was later delayed and cancelled due to the NWR spawn base getting griefed and war getting declared.

On May 8, 2020, the NWR spawn base was griefed by Kari Reignheart, and Yangyangwho2020 was suspected of leaking the base coords since he was the only one present during the grief, and the player who griefed the base only played the server for 406 seconds. Yangyangwho2020 was kicked from the Commonwealth Discord, and JackSimpson2077 was sent out to find a new home. A base was created a few days after the grief, which became the new base for the Commonwealth. On May 13, 2020, Yangyangwho2020 was unbanned by littlexavier101, and he then befriended Spooklyz and griefed the second Commonwealth base together, killing JackSimpson2077’s pets and bedtrapping him. This was seen as an act of war, and the then Commonwealth President-NumisMC declared war on Yangyangwho2020 later Omega (Yang’s clan). The Commonwealth was baseless, and JackSimpson2077 was set out to find another location for a base while NumisMC was conducting a plan to infiltrate Omega. An important piece to Yangyangwho2020’s ban was found later on, a screenshot proving Yangyangwho2020 would like to create another lag machine to win the war, the screenshot was forwarded to littlexavier101 getting him banned around May 31, 2020, and ending the war officially when a peace treaty was signed by NumisMC, littlexavier101, F00fyLoofy, and Spooklyz on June 1, 2020.

During the war, JackSimpson2077 built a base for the Commonwealth, which was thriving until the end of the war where Spooklyz found it and burnt down DARK SHADOW8907’s shop. Some members stayed after the war like GOZENSU2OO and MemaGuyYT, but GOZENSU

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