The Chronicles of Wynn

The Chronicles of Wynn is a YouTube series written and produced by JackSimpson2077 as a spin-off of the main server. The purpose is to make the story of Shifttech into a proper tale that can be enjoyed by many people and introduce them to the world of Shifttech.

As of now only the pilot episode is released, which goes over a depiction of JackSimpson’s first few days on SNR when things were mostly calm and populated.

Pilot (Episode 0) History in the Making

The first epsiode follows Jack Valdez (JackSimpson2077) as he watched game 5 of the 2010 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers. Following the game, tragedy strikes and Jack is transported to Wynn. Jack then got familiar with Wynn and met Isabel and Alex Morales. He then fights a bear and dies, but comes back to life and is tracked by the Arcadian Council, leading to a tie in with a Mr. Lavelle.

Season 1: The Rose Awakens

Episode One: The Beginning of a Legend


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