The Book of the Server Owner

The Book of the Server Owner: Keeping a Log of Every Event on the Server

This is a log of every event on the server from the Whole Omlet era into the early Realm era.

The Omlet Era

  • On 2/24/2018, Survival No Rules was created.
  • On this day, the town of Spawn was also created.
  • On 2/26/2018, the town of Spawn fell, with only parts of some buildings at Spawn standing.
  • More and more buildings showed up, but they were soon destroyed.
  • On 2/28/2018, the first Survival No Rules video was made!
  • On 5/17/2018, the Heaven Islands fell due to somebody leaking coordinates.
  • On 5/18/2018, the Great Woodland Mansion was created.
  • On 9/14/2018, the Great Mansion was found, so the members of the Heaven Island took all the chest and moved.
  • On 10/14/2018, the world was bugged, causing players to not be able to join, until 11/6/2018.
  • On 11/9/2018, the Valley was founded.

The Realm Era

  • The world was moved to a Realm on 1/31/2019.
  • As of 2/6/2019, Snr is now over 1 GB in size.
  • On 2/7/2019, I joined Vanguard.
  • On 2/10/2019, Vanguard 2 fell, so we moved to my 100k base.
  • On 2/10/2019, the Void Maiden team was created to colonize the Void, that is the End. It may seem intimidating but worth it in the long shot.
  • On 2/10/2019, the Green Beret were a group of raiders who use cheats and have a goal to take over the world.
  • On 2/11/2019, Vanguard rebuilt Spawn.
  • On 2/14/2019, the One Mil base was started.
  • On 2/18/2019, the One Mil base was griefed by hackers.
  • On 2/18/2019, Crystal Lakes was founded.

A lot of things happened during the Realm era. Thanks to a bug with Minecraft Realms, the world wasn’t able to be downloaded past 4 GB, which means that the world lost a lot of history. Then the Realm got too laggy, so everything was moved to a server. Easier said than done, it took four months, but on 8/9/2019, there was hope. The server was running on an old laptop. And so begins the another era. What will this one be named? Maybe the era of new players. Only time will tell.

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