Shifttech terraria April fools, 2023

The shifttech 2023 april fools event

april World download

Get fixed boi is a secret world seed in Terraria, a popular sandbox game. It is also known as Everything and Zenith. It combines several features from various other secret world seeds, such as Drunk world, Not the bees, Celebrationmk10, The Constant, No Traps, Don’t Dig Up, and For the Worthy. The seed generates a world with unique features, such as a half-Crimson and half-Corruption surface, boosted enemy spawn rates, and greater size differences. The surface also has a Glowing Mushroom biome immediately above the initial spawning area, with rainbow-like colors. Heart and Star pickups are sometimes randomly replaced with their counterparts from the Christmas and Halloween events. Some generated Heart Crystals act as regular boulders when mined and can roll and deal damage. Fake Life Crystals won’t be highlighted by Spelunker Potions. Additionally, the world uses an upscaled world difficulty, has a permanently night setting, and spawns the Mechdusa boss instead of the Twins. The Otherworldly Space music plays in the background during world generation, and all text will be backwards, except for the text “Not Placing Traps.” The item changes are exclusive to the world, taking a changed item out of it or bringing them to it will change it to its default for the world.

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