Shifttech SMP Season Three

In October 2020, the third season of the Shifttech SMP began. At release, there were returning players such as JackSimpson2077, ShortWeekly, Xavierlvll, and r1wil. Several other players joined during the start of the season, like Coolguyaaaa. For the first month of the season, things went well but when SNR dropped in activity and one of the core players became temporarily inactive, the season started to drift into obscurity.

Eventually a player from the Terraria server known as Kai came over to the SMP and contributed to the revitalization of the SMP by buoilding at spawn. This brought back several players along with new ones, resulting in the rise of the Equal Party. The Equal Party was lead by TeleMC and didn’t do much before fading away as the Kingpins came to power.

The previously mentioned Kai had changed their username to Lex and founded the Kingpins

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