Season two of SMP

On June 17th, 2020, at aprox 2:30PM PST, TRAP Season 2 began. Many incidents occurred, but our group of players:

JackSimpson2077: Bedrock, Been in S1 and S2

Xavierlvll: Java, Creator, Been in S1 and S2

BlackDragon: Java, S1 and S2

ShortWeekly: Bedrock, S1 and S2

r1wil: Bedrock, S1 and S2

MemaGuyYT: Java, S2

DELDER: Bedrock, S1 and S2

pugs: Java, S2

OpenedWave: Bedrock, S2

PortMars: Bedrock, S2

Aintintrestedparty: Bedrock S2

DARK SHADOW: Bedrock, S1 and S2

Went out into the world and explored, finding various things.

Day One Events: JackSimpson finds the first diamond, along with 6 emeralds and 2 golden apples in a mineshaft. Two mob spawners were found and the Llama Club S2 location is decided upon in a strange reversal of SNR’s The Commonwealth’s base coords at -2.4k 1.7k.

Deaths (Yes, we already have some on Day 1):

Lava Silverfish Combo: Jack was fighting a silverfish deep underground when he backed up into lava. Luckily, nothing got burned.

Lava Bucket Mishap: Jack had found a ruined portal and decided to clean it up and light it, but had one problem. There was a lava pool in the middle of the portal. So, instead of deleting the lava, he attempted to move it with a bucket. Movement 1 caught a forest on fire, and movement 2 resulted in his death, this time losing everything.

Creeper Empire Attack 2: Explosive BoogaBooga: Jack was tending to his house when a creeper ran up and exploded, leaving a crater in his house. As he repaired, another creeper came up and exploded, killing his first dog, Rex, and himself.

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