Ragtag is a significant figure in the lore of SNR. He was a persistent presence during the realm era and is revered by many of the older players who remember him.


SNR was hosted on an LG3G device Info  and ran on an app called Omlet Arcade, which allowed players from around the world to join. The account “Ragtagberet9383” was responsible for running SNR, and the account’s owner was littlexavier101 himself. Ragtag was later used for AFK activities during the early realm era, and over time, he became a god-like figure in the world. Players built churches to Ragtag, calling him “Lord” when he joined, and this continued throughout the realm and server eras.

Today, only older players still remember Ragtag, but to commemorate his significance in the world’s history, a grand temple was built in his honor: The Temple of Ragtag Beret. This temple is located in the Heaven Islands info in the Java era

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  1. JackSimpson2077 Avatar

    Ragtag is one of the many deities of Shifttech, along with Moss and Buster Posey

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