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JackSimpson2077 is one of the longest playing active members of the Shifttech community, starting roughly when SNR was just getting started on Omlet Arcade, using the username of BaetSimpson at the time. He is also the admin of the Shifttech discord server and one of the core players on SNR today.

Early SNR

After plenty of things happened at spawn, Jack went out and started a base with fnafan19877271 roughly 1000 blocks out and founded the Veterans, as both had been playing Minecraft for quite some time. The base remained intact for quite some time, expanding to a decent size before Jack disappeared from the world.

In the year period between that and March 2020, Jack would pop on here and there by using the Realm, but wouldn’t do much in this time other than making a small personal base that’s been lost to time.

Jack’s Return

In March 2020, Jack made his return to SNR, now with the username of JackSimpson2077. He’d go out and make a personal base and try to start up a new group, but this failed leading him to leave the server for another month.

In April 2020, Jack made his permanent return, going out and finding a chunk error away from spawn. Here he would build up a false chunk error and make a base inside of it. He’d invite players to it like HungryFox, but one day he ran into a player known as YangYangWho. He went on about a place known as Olympus, but Jack decided to remain at his small base and work on improving it. Later on he’d run into others like MelodicGarlic and F00fyL00fy, who gave him mercy when seeing the inside of the base. One day the base grew too large and was greifed, leading to Jack and a few others to go and make another false chunk base.

The new base would grow rather quickly, attracting the eyes of many factions in SNR. One of which was Taguritleagu, who offered an alliance with the newly formed New Wynn Republic. Jack accepted which caused a bond between the two to form. Following this, the base grew even more, eventually catching the eyes of NumisMC. Numis came to the base and eventually proposed the creation of a clan known as the Commonwealth. Jack accepted and the New Wynn Republic was left behind, growing into the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth

Following this event, YangYangWho placed loads of TNT below the base as a “safety measure”, which caused suspicion to grow in Jack’s mind. He started to evacuate the base of all living creatures, including Willy the Slime. One day shortly after the evacuation, the base was blown up and Jack set out to find a new place to make a base for the Commonwealth.

Eventually Jack ended up in a place surrounded by all sorts of chunk errors and declared it as the new Commonwealth base. This was used for roughly two weeks before being found by Spookylz, a member of Omega. The base was swiftly destroyed, resulting in the Commonwealth fading away into obscurity for a time.

Jack ended up making a personal base during the Locator Map crisis as making a clan base was too risky for the unstable Commonwealth. But before he could properly get it started, the locator map crisis was averted so he sent out to found the next base for the Commonwealth. He ended up choosing a mountain near a desert due to the presence of the new bees.

The base of Jacksonville flourished, growing bigger and better than the previous base had ever been. However, members such as CrimsonRose and Sinserpent never made it to the base as they became inactive after the destruction of the previous one. Jack worked tirelessly to make the new base feel like home, blowing up a huge hole underneath the base as an underground city. The base grew along with the Commonwealth, but one day Spooklyz returned. Jack was able to talk him down from leaking the coords, but the other members felt as if the base was already compromised so the Commonwealth grew weaker.

Jack eventually decided to return to his solo base and work on it while the Commonwealth recovered. While he was at this base he was invited by DARKNESS to join the Fishermen. Jack accepted and started his journey out to the new Fishermen base. He made it, building a small hut before the base was destroyed and he went into the nether to hide from the constant war and teleportation crisis on SNR.

Once 1.16 was released, Jack set out from the fallen Fisherman base and set up at a bastion and slowly repaired in in the following week, eventually making a portal to the surface. Once on the surface, he’d start work on a personal base known as Valencia on July 2nd, 2020.

Valencia and The Commonwealth’s Return

Jack would go to build a small house at the base of the mountain as a storage area. He’d then set his eyes on the mountain, using tnt to flatten the area and start building up the base of the structure. Over the next month, he’d built up the main building of the castle along with an exterior add on. While he was doing this, the Commonwealth found a new base known as Asylum after Jacksonville’s destruction, which Jack started to split his attention to. While he worked on both bases, the Commonwealth grew a bit too much and Asylum fell. In their time of need, Jack opened up his personal base to the Commonwealth.

After the Commonwealth moved into Valencia, the base grew quickly and Jack was able to build the castle up more, making it to where it could potentially rival Along Valley in size one day. Ainterestedparty was a major factor here, as she would build several buildings expanding the base even further while Jack worked on the castle. But one day it all started to fall apart.

Due to feeling bored with the game, Jack decided to make an alt and live a life at spawn. Here he met a player known as FoldingPepper2, who gained Jack’s trust eventually leading to him inviting them to his base, Valencia. When they arrived though, some of the Commonwealth members didn’t take kindly to this and tried to remove Jack from the group, but he stayed with the group but lost several privileges in the discord server. Eventually some more people were invited to the base without his knowledge, leading to the destruction of Valencia and the fall of the Commonwealth.

The Dark Ages

Jack went and built a bunker somewhere else on SNR, keeping the base mostly private as SNR started to die out. Eventually he made the full move over to the Shifttech SMP.

SMP Season One

Following the teleportation crisis, the Shifttech SMP was founded after many players wanted the temp world to remain. Jack co-founded the Llama Club with fellow Fishermen and started building a base on Llama Mountain.

After ShortWeekly died in the nether, he and Jack went into the nether together to gather resources. This would lead to the two fighting a pair of ghasts, which Jack would kill one with a fireball back to its face. In his triumph, the second blew up the ground below him and sent him into a pool of lava. Jack quickly reacted and logged out of the game, logging back on with an alt to try and save himself. But when Short couldn’t pinpoint the location, Jack abandoned the plan and accepted his fate in the fiery death.

After Jack recuperated from his death, the server decided to start working towards fighting the Ender Dragon. Jack was sent to collect ender pearls, eventually getting enough but then losing them when he went afk in the nether hub and died to a ghast.

Jack also made a cave spider experience grinder that was used by many players. The farm went through several iterations and was remade in the following two seasons.

Eventually Jack got enough pearls and it was discovered that the fortress was right under a village that he had been using as an enderman killing area already. Once the stronghold was discovered, he helped with getting the remaining eyes of ender and was one of the first to enter the End.

After the death of the Ender Dragon, Jack celebrated by shooting his powerful bow into the air and the arrows came back down, killing him. Right after he died another player blew up a bed, destroying most of Jack’s items including the bow he had used in the fight. The season ended shortly afterwards with the arrival of the Nether Update.

SMP Season 2

Season 2 of the Shifttech SMP was mostly anticlimactic with a failed economy and vote.

SMP Season 3

In Season 3 Jack made a base in a desert village, but drifted away from Minecraft when the season started to fade. But when it was revitalized, he made a house at spawn, which got claimed by another player twice before he was able to get it himself. Jack slowly built up his base, making the Llama Tower as the season grew into a proper server. He then joined the Kingpins and helped with several things here and there, but would focus on his own base, slowly expanding it.

During the season, Jack decided to work on rebuilding Valencia on SNR, clearing out all of the destruction.

SMP Season 4

Jack decided to remake Valencia on the new world and succeeded quite well, eventually building up a large base that featured many things like Mount Kingpin and the Llama Temple. Jack also made the zombie pigman experience farm, replacing the cave spider experience farm of the past.

Jack continued to rebuild Valencia on SNR during this time frame, finishing the main building once again. He would also build a cemetery to celebrate the Commonwealth’s one year anniversary.

SMP Season 5

The Buster Posey cult was founded.

SMP Season 6

The Moss Cult was revived and the Potato Subscription service began and ended. He also sold crystal meth.

SNR Revival

Jack would return to Valencia and rebuild it fully. Several other things were added on here and there as he expanded his base. Jack also helped a bit with other builds. Now he works on finishing everything that wasn’t finished in the past, starting with the Llama Temple at the new Heaven Islands.

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