HattyTheGreat’s Archive of SNR 2020

My names HattyTheGreat, but you can call me Anthony. I know it’s dangerous sharing your real name on an anarchy server, but everyone on SNR I find chill and non-toxic. I created this Archive because I wanted toTHE SNR ARCHIVE (by: HattyTheGreat)


 keep a record of everything that happens on the realm for safe keeping. I’ve always had a thing for lore and backstory’s and this server being one years old, I came up with the idea that this server should have some sort of archive for future players to look back at and read stories. 

I used to play on 2b2t back in Late December of 2015. I joined from a post of vice.com talking about a server that will kill you 1000 times, thus I joined 2b2t. But my story on 2b2t is irrelevant to SNR. Point is, everyone has a story on SNR. Every base, every monument has a story. So why not share it to the community!


Survival No Rules (SNR)

Survival No Rules is an anarchy realm that was created on February 24th, 2018. littlexavier101 is the owner and has seen everything go down on SNR. There are no rules on SNR. Hack, cheat, steal, lie, grief; it’s limitless. Bases were built, and with it, trust were built as well. As there were fun times on SNR, there were dark times. Everyone has a story. 


TheKakeGurui (Status: Semi-Active)

Joined in March of 2019, one of the most skilled players when it comes to tactics. He’d grow to become one of the founding members of the second most powerful faction of SNR known as Team Tyranny in just five days. Kake was a player who came from another anarchy realm known as “Lawlessness” and was invited to SNR from a player named HattyTheGreat, a player who was also from Lawlessness. First day of joining, Kake walked around a bit and explored inner spawn with Hatty, Momo, and a popular player known as NoRunAlong. He’d eventually go on to travel far out and create his own duping station. (I had to skip a few parts).  Snipez raided and killed Kake’s friend Chaos, which drove Kake to raid Snipez’s base, which was Vanguard IV. Kake discovered the coordinates using a locator map, and raided the base. Kake became the first vanilla/duper player to raid the most powerful group on SNR. Kake would then team with the ex-member of Vanguard, Bobzombiezz5, and create the second most powerful group on SNR, Team Tyranny.


videoworldplays (Status: Semi-Active)

videoworldplays, a player among a list who has impacted SNR for months to come. A member among Vanguard, he joined just a few days after NoRunAlong’s first day of joining. In fact, videoworldplays and NoRunAlong are friends in real life. When videoworld joined, RunAlong had already based at Heavenly Islands (Vanguard I), but got raided shortly after. Vanguard II was instantly put under way. videoworld showed up at Vanguard II and suspense between the early Vanguard group and videoworld was tense. But eventually, videoworld was accepted into the group. It was all good and such, but when things got heated, it was when a player named Synee, a member of Vanguard, built a rail system that some members found “stupid”. NoRunAlong, the leader, and Synee got into an argument. Synee was banished from Vanguard II. videoworld built the famous castle that majority of the playerbase recognizes when they think of Vanguard II. The base was short lived, although the coordinates were leaked, the base was destroyed by its own habitants to avoid anyone else griefing the base. The owner of the server, who is a member of Vanguard, littlexavier101 offered Vanguard to stay at his 100k base with a museum of old artifacts. This base became Vanguard III. A player named RocketFox (unfinished) 


NoRunAlong (Status: Hiatus)

Joined around late December, early January, he’s become an icon among the SNR community being the leader of the most influential and most powerful group on SNR. RunAlong came to SNR from a reddit post. On the first day, he teamed with a player named Elazul, which Elazul gave RunAlong some coords to a village within inner spawn, a few thousand blocks far from spawn. After a day or two, RunAlong invited friends over to play since he thought it was fun. The new group RunAlong leads has become nearly half of the server’s population. RunAlong and another player named Greenspy got into an argument which led to the village’s destruction. Soon after his base was griefed, Vanguard I was set underway; aka Heavenly Islands. But RunAlong found the base ugly and so did everyone else, so they abandoned it. Vanguard II begins. RunAlong met JYGaming and his sister Synee, which they gave Run’s first 32k equipment. Vanguard II was in a jungle area. The base was short lived, and the team was forced to destroy their own base (more info on videoworldplays’s story). Elazul—RunAlong’s long time friend and partner—quit the server. RunAlong always thought that Elazul was a great member. Run and Synee got into an argument and they split. LittleXavier brought the members to his 100k base (Vanguard III) which had a museum. But 4 days later, the base was raided by RocketFox who used teleporting hacks and spawned hundreds of withers. The team was forced to flee the base. This event began the age of withers, a period in which the server falls into a dark-filled sky and wither heads are seen flying a hundred blocks above the spawn area. Vanguard IV began, and this base would be the reason why Vanguard is at war with Tyranny. TheKakegurui, a new player, carries out a plan that would get him the coords to Vanguard IV. When Kake raided Vanguard IV, the blame was on Bobzombiezz5, which RunAlong and the team was forced to kick Bob. Bob later would start his own team with Kake and declare war on each other as of March 10th, 2019.


HattyTheGreat (Status: Hiatus)

Joined in early February 2019, he’s become a known player but not as powerful as most players. He’s one of the ones who caused the Vanguard Tyranny war; the largest war on SNR. He is a duper, but has many benefits from hackers. During his first day, Hatty invited his friend Momo and met up with a player named RainbowCash. They went out looking for a base in which they found ruins of an old Vanguard base. They sought refuge within the broken and impaired walls of the old base. They were then given protection 4 armor by RunAlong which they duped hundreds of times. Many of Hatty’s friends came and went to the server. But the base was eventually griefed even more than it was. Hatty and Momo moved out and went searching for another base. Few days passed without word from Momo and presumed Momo had quit. Hatty invited yet another friend but he was from another anarchy realm. The player’s name was TheKakegurui, one of the founders of the second most powerful group on SNR, Team Tyranny. But before Tyranny was founded, Hatty and Kake explored spawn for a bit before Kake got coordinates to Vanguard HQ from someone who leaked it. After Tyranny was established, Hatty has become close allies with Kake and Bobzombiez, including NoRunAlong. He does not fight in the war. 


Bobzombiezz5 (Status: Semi-Active)

Joined around early February, he’s an ex-member of Vanguard and now the founder and leader of Team Tyranny. When he first joined, he played Vanilla and teamed with a player named Captainbongo423. The two would go not far from spawn, only about 1000 blocks out in which they eventually got diamond gear. Bob later would meet up with another famous player named Snipez. Bob wanted sugar cane to make a enchanting table, so he asked Snipez to meet him at spawn. He brought the hacker to his spawn base, which then Snipez killed, and destroyed their base. CaptainBongo left the server forever, while Bob stayed on SNR. He went solo for a bit, but despite his trust issues with other players, he met up with yet another powerful player, eecute. His encounter with her went well, and they became instant friends. She gave Bob armor and he headed back out. Soon after, he began to hack, this made him a much more powerful player. He would return to spawn and help new players get started on SNR. Bob would join many teams and leave, but he eventually settled in Team Vanguard, the most powerful faction on SNR. A new player named TheKakegurui raided and leaked Team Vanguard’s HQ and the blame went on Bob. Bob was kicked from Vanguard and started a new group, Team Tyranny, and declared war on Vanguard as of March 10th, 2019. 


elesneils (Status: Semi-Active)

Joined in February of 2019, he teamed with two players McGirlkay, and lhypnosl. The three fixed and refurbished a house near spawn, which got raided not long after. They traveled along the -x highway about 1000 blocks and built a new base, but got raided again by a hacker. McGirlkay left indefinitely but hypnos took a break. elesneils traveled around the server with nether portals until the leader of Vanguard, NoRunAlong, found him. RunAlong invited him to his clan. elesneils was brought to Vanguard’s Jungle Base, which not long after, Vanguard was forced to destroy their own base —> https://youtu.be/UHUGnxwP5Ko (video of the destruction). elesneils would migrate with Vanguard farther out to build a new base, but repeated the same thing. Third time, Vanguard went out to 1 million, which also got raided. Moved out to 2 million, and all of a sudden, lhypnosl joins back and joins Vanguard. Vanguard’s fourth HQ was then raided and destroyed by TheKakegurui. elesneils resides with Vanguard still yet, working on a new base.


iTzSnipezOx (Status: Active)

(Hatty’s point of view) – From what I’ve seen and heard, Snipez is cold-hearted. He’s gained a reputation for his ignorance for anyone except for his own team. RunAlong called him a loyal member, Snipez even said RunAlong told him to be ruthless in combat. He’s a bounty hunter (hence his new nickname Jongo Phett), a ruthless killer, and has no remorse. Definitely one of the most dangerous “nibbas” on the server. 


OurHomeEarth (Status: Active)

Joined between late January, early February, she’s become a founder of a clan known as Prodigy. Just like HattyTheGreat, OurHomeEarth joined SNR from another anarchy realm known as “1B1T” and was invited by her friend ShurukenThwart to SNR. OurHome was a leader of a group on 1b1t called Team Infinite, and they were considered a super faction because of their skill and combat with 32k weapons. Unfortunately, 1b1t was shut down, and OurHome migrated to SNR. When she first joined, she spawned in a bedrock cage, which she used a crafting table to escape the cage. She traveled around inner and outer spawn for a bit and gathered items the vanilla way. But that all changed when a hacker named JessDangerous killed her at spawn with a 29k wooden sword multiple times. After that incident, OurHome turned to hacks. A few days later, she met SmokinPlayers and StaticMagic and the three based for a bit. Later on, she teamed with Farier, ShurukenThwart, and Fnafan to create Team Prodigy. Currently, they are growing in numbers and recruited a hacker which made them even more powerful. The same day, Prodigy and Vanguard create an alliance, making it the biggest alliance in the server’s history.

(Hatty’s Point View) – First time I saw her at spawn, I thought she killed one of my friends. She claimed her innocence, and from then on, I never really spoke to her about anything. Then she mentioned Team Prodigy. She’s a dedicated member to her team and has become a good friend to me and her basemates. She helps new players get started on SNR, which makes her a good player.


LittleXavier’s Timeline (Edited by Hatty)

2/24/18 – SNR was created and The Town Of Spawn was created with it

2/26/18 – The Town Of Spawn fell with only parts of some builds standing. More buildings showed up but fell to griefing almost immediately

2/28/18 – The first video of SNR is released

(Missing dates)

5/17/18 – The Heavenly Islands fall to a coordinate leak

9/14/18 – The Great Mansion was founded

10/14/18 – The Dark Ages begin on SNR; the realm world was broken and did not let anyone in the realm

11/6/18 – The end of The Dark Ages; realm is fixed and opened back up

11/9/18 – The Valley is founded

(Missing Dates)

2/8/19 – SNR discord server is created

2/6/19 – SNR is now 1 GB in size

2/7/19 – LittleXavier joins Vanguard

2/10/19 – Vanguard I is destroyed /// Vanguard II begins /// The Void Maiden Team is founded and colonized the End 

2/11/19 – The Vanguard Era begins /// Spawn is remade

2/12/19 – Vanguard II gets leaked and Team Vanguard destroys their own base

2/14/19 – Vanguard III begins (100k base)

2/18/19 – Vanguard III gets destroyed

2/19/19 – Vanguard IV begins (1mil base)

2/24/19 – SNR turns one years old /// HattyTheGreat joins SNR

3/5/19 – TheKakegurui joins SNR

3/9/18 – Vanguard IV gets raided by TheKakegurui due to a coordinate leak

3/10/19 – Team Tyranny is founded by Kake and Bobzombiez /// Vanguard declares war on Team Tyranny /// TheKakegurui’s Base gets griefed from a teleportation hack used by LewisDylan

3/14/19 – Snipez sets a bounty on TheLumberJack5

3/15/19 – Team Prodigy is founded by OurHomeEarth /// The 100 Wither Project begins /// Team KIRA is founded /// Hatty’s Spawn Base is founded

3/16/19 – DominusDev joins Team Prodigy /// Snipez puts a bounty on HattyTheGreat /// Hatty begins The Museum Project /// Qwerty joins Team Prodigy

3/17/19 – Team Prodigy teams up with Vanguard /// Team Prodigy HQ gets griefed by a hacker /// Vanguard-Prodigy Period Begins

3/18/19 – Team Vanguard lavacasts spawn

3/19/19 – SNR gets updated to 1.10

3/24/19 – The End gets lavacasted by OurHomeEarth and FariarFurball /// elesneils’s 1k base gets transformed into Furnaceville by BobbyTaco

3/25/19 – Snipez creates the largest lavacast on SNR in The End /// elesneils’s Emergency Base gets gets griefed

3/26/19 – Vanguard-Prodigy Period Ends /// The Second Vanguard Era Begins /// The Vanguard-Prodigy Alliance is broken /// OurHomeEarth and ShurukenThwart1 leaves Team Prodigy and starts a rebellion against Team Vangaurd /// Peace Trials awaits /// OurHome’s Rebellion and Team Tyranny teams up against Vanguard

3/27/19 – The Peace Islands is founded

4/1/19 – Vanguard begins The Bombing Of Spawn /// The Vanguard-Tyranny War comes to a halt /// Snipez becomes the most wanted bounty hunter of SNR

4/2/19 – The Vanguard Era Ends /// Team Vanguard collapses

4/3/19 – The Pegasus Initiative begin

4/8/19 – Peace Islands become the biggest base on SNR

4/21/19 – HattyTacoville project begins

4/30/19 – SNR Realm closes forever /// Ending of the Realm Era



PE/Vanilla Player: Player who plays on PE, no hacks, or not able to dupe

Duper: Player who is on Xbox

Hacker: A player with the ability to fly/spawn in items

Spawn: A region of land spanning from (0,0) to 500 blocks in any direction

Outer spawn: A region of land spanning from 500 blocks out to 1000 blocks in any direction

Super Faction: A faction populated purely by powerful hackers

32k Gear: Armor and Weapons that have enchantment levels of “32767” (ex. Sharpness 32767)



Team Vanguard 

NoRunAlong (Leader)




death is here84





Team Tyranny 







Void Maiden Team

Sentient Void 


Team Prodigy 

FairerFurball23 (leader)





OurHomeEarth’s Rebellion

OurHomeEarth (leader)






littlexavier101, the Owner

iTzSnipezOx, “Jongo Phett”

NoRunAlong, the Boss

elesneils, the Communist

TheKakeGurui, the Mastermind

bobzombiezz5, the Loose Cannon

HattyTheGreat, the Historian

OurHomeEarth, the Team Player



The Vanguard-Tyranny War – An ongoing war between two of the most powerful factions on the server that started on 3/9/19  The vanguard tyranny war resulted in vanguards victory

The First Dark Age – A time in the servers history where the server was unplayable for nearly a month due to world corruption breaking which happened on 10/14/18

The Peace Trials – Taking place at The Peace Islands, the allied teams, Vanguard and Prodigy, had a conference on whether they should maintain the alliance. But of course, the two teams split.

The Bombing Of Spawn – Taking place on April 1st, 2019, the bombing of spawn was an event in which the members of Vanguard wreaked havoc on spawn, absolutely destroying the already wasteland terrain. 

The Second Dark Age – Beginning on 4/18/19, the server receives a staggering 1-2 players online daily with little to no activity at all. It all began shortly after the two Vanguard leaders went hiatus on SNR.

SNR Realm Closes Forever – SNR closes due to the realm being transferred to a server, the end of a realm that brought much history with it was executed. 



 Hatty’s Emblem

elesneils’s Communist Banner

Team Prodigy




Heavenly Islands

New section updated by community 


The Third Dark Age

A‌ ‌lot‌ ‌of‌ ‌things‌ ‌have‌ ‌happened‌ ‌due‌ ‌to‌ ‌a‌ ‌bug‌ ‌with‌ the ‌minecraft‌ ‌realms.’ ‌

The‌ ‌world‌ ‌wasn’t‌ ‌able‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌downloaded if the file size was ‌past‌ ‌4‌ ‌gbs‌, ‌or ‌the‌ ‌world‌ would ‌lose ‌a‌ ‌lot‌ ‌of‌ ‌history. Later‌

the‌ ‌realms‌ ‌got‌ ‌so ‌laggy ‌that ‌everything‌ ‌was‌ ‌moved‌ ‌to‌ ‌a‌ different ‌server, though it was ‌easier‌ ‌said‌ ‌than‌ ‌done! ‌It‌ ‌took‌ ‌4‌ ‌

months, ‌but‌ ‌on‌ ‌8/9/2019‌ ‌there‌ ‌was‌ ‌hope!‌ ‌The‌ ‌server‌ was moved and ‌is‌ ‌running‌ ‌on‌ ‌an‌ ‌old‌ ‌laptop,‌and‌ ‌from hereon, ‌

another‌ ‌erab begins. What‌ ‌will‌ ‌this‌ ‌era ‌be‌ ‌named‌? Maybe‌ it should be named “The‌ ‌Era‌ ‌of‌ ‌New‌ ‌Players? Only‌ ‌time‌ ‌will‌ ‌tell‌. ‌

10/21/2019‌ ‌Some‌ ‌new‌ ‌players‌ ‌are‌ ‌starting‌ ‌to‌ ‌log‌ ‌in!‌ ‌Its‌ fun‌ ‌when there’s more new ‌players!‌

A False Hope


10/29/2019 1.13.0 was released with bugs…

A lot has happened,  and there was a major bug on the minecraft dedicated servers.

It would make the server crash every 10 minutes or so while loading chunks too fast. Sadly, this     took

 3 months to fix 


However, on 3/7/2020, they released a bedrock dedicated server update which fixed this bug!

New people from Omlet joined, bringing the average player count to 

 around 5/15 depends on the day



Some hacked clients now have a feature called crasher and it is a pain. The effect is not just a major lag, but it 

is a full freeze that crashes the server, and nothing can be done to stop it right now.

 I hope mojang will fix this exploit sooner rather than later.

I don’t understand how a hacked client can just break bedrock or use nuker to break           

hundreds of blocks at once, I mean, this affected pocketmine-mp too. 


As of writing this on 3/14/2020, none of these problems have been fixed.


The Rise of the Wing Empire

As a spectator, I don’t know much, but they seem to patrol the spawn regions. 

With some of the team members having 32k’s, they are a dangerous force to reckoned with. 


The Great Comeback

Old players and new players are joining


Norsa’s Start

4/3/2020 Norsa’s plan is to make peace not war this group has big plans

Hope they don’t fall flat on there face


Talks About War

The Drags destroyed an allied base, so a plan is starting to form at Vanguard

And on 4/5/2020 Vanguard destroyed the drags end outpost


The meeting between two groups

A meeting called in the end has started, and members from both sides showed up, but it’s not long

before one of the Drags attempted to kill the leader of Vanguard, and so then the war began             4/5/2020


The Bombing


Vanguard wreaks havoc onto spawn again to crush small groups from receiving help from the  drags.


The Final Meeting

On 4/14/2020 the Drags and Vanguards setup a meeting in the end

An idea of a final battle start and a date is set 4/17/2020 10PM Eastern standard Time

This fight will take place in the crystal lakes arena 


The Sabotage

The 1.14.60 bug fix update messed up hacked clients. The battle of crystal lakes is postponed.


1.14.60 “bug” fix

Yea sure mojang, Here is my list of New bugs

Fps loss

Anyone connecting without an xbox account are named steve now

Server & block lag for servers

One good thing is all hacks have been fixed for now  


The largest base has fallen

Along valley was a 8 month project of Vanguard’s 

A world download of it http://snr.us.to:8000/alongvalley.zip



The peace era

As most of the clans start to be peaceful two one another 

Who knows how this will unfold 


Imperium created on 2020/4/21 

by F00fyLoofy

               F00fy declared war on Yang on 2020/5/1

Peace is negotiated later on 


The Organization-The Commonwealth Provisional Government was suggested by NumisMC and later was founded by JackSimpson, Sinserpent, NumisMC, Lostvayn and Crimsonsmilen on 2020/5/6. Later the same day The Commonwealth’s project to flatten the spawn started.


The Commonwealth International Security is Created with MemaGuy being the leader. The aim is to protect spawn during the Commonwealth’s flattening spawn project.


 Yang’s War started on 2020/5/13 when Yang was unbanned after his initial ban due to attempting to crash the server. His first action was to grief the newly founded Imperium base. This was seen as a declaration of war by Imperium members, and thus marking the start of Yang’s War. The war doesn’t seem to be in Imperium’s favor at first as the Imperium 3rd base also known as Nomadic Community was griefed not long after the war. The Commonwealth was also caught in the fire when Spooklyz and Yang griefed the Commonwealth base. Thus making the Commonwealth join the war. A few days after this chaos, surprisingly Imperium’s ally RizuPlays joined forces with Omega a clan created by Spooklyz, Karito and Yang to support the war effort. Unknown to Omega during this time, Numis had proposed to create alt accounts to infiltrate Omega to cripple it from the inside. It was successful and the war starts to go in Imperium’s favor with a record of 3 Omega bases griefed in 1 day. More to that, even Vanguard had joined the war against Omega. Surprising two known Omega member had seek for peace at this point and one even is willing to become a spy for Imperium. As in 2020/5/27 Yang is banned due to one of Commonwealth’s spies exposing his intentions to crash the server again. And on 2020/5/31 an official peace treaty is signed and Omega is disbanded thus ending the war. (Dates of griefing and activity during the war is unsure. ) 


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