SMP Guidelines

Community Guidelines and Rules

Community Guidelines and Rules: Ensuring Fair Play and Respectful Environment


Welcome to our community! To ensure a fair and respectful environment for all members, we have established a set of guidelines and rules. This document aims to provide a more in-depth understanding of specific rules related to griefing, stealing, duping, exploits, and the use of modded and hacked clients. Please familiarize yourself with these rules and help us maintain a positive community atmosphere.

1. Griefing: Destroying Another Member’s Structures

Griefing refers to the intentional destruction or alteration of another member’s structures without their permission. We prohibit griefing to protect the time and effort that players invest in building their creations. Respect the property of others and obtain explicit consent before modifying or removing any structures created by fellow community members.

2. Protecting Another Member’s Animals

Killing or harming another member’s animals is not allowed. We recognize that players invest time and effort in raising animals, and we aim to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Treat other players’ animals with respect and avoid causing intentional harm.

3. Stealing: Protecting Items in Storage and Player-Made Shops

Stealing items from storage containers, such as chests, or from player-made shops is strictly prohibited. We encourage a fair economy and respect for personal property. Only take items from containers or shops that you have rightfully obtained permission to access. Respect the boundaries set by fellow community members regarding their belongings.

4. Duping and Exploits

Duping refers to the act of duplicating items or resources through unauthorized means. Exploits involve taking advantage of glitches or bugs in the game to gain an unfair advantage. We have a zero-tolerance policy for duping and exploits, as they undermine the fairness and integrity of the gameplay experience. Report any discovered bugs or glitches to the community moderators promptly.

5. Hacked Clients and Modded Clients

The use of hacked clients, which provide unauthorized and unfair advantages, is strictly forbidden. We prioritize maintaining a level playing field for all community members. Additionally, modded clients, which involve modifications to the game’s code or assets, are allowed but at the user’s own risk. Use modded clients responsibly and ensure they do not violate other rules or compromise the integrity of the gameplay.


By adhering to these rules, you contribute to a positive and respectful community experience. Remember to communicate and seek permission before interacting with other members’ creations, animals, items, and structures. By reporting any rule violations to the community moderators, you play an active role in maintaining a fair and enjoyable environment for all. Thank you for your cooperation, and have fun!